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Submit a SIRP

The Safety Issue Resolution Process is a tool in which you can easily identify and quickly correct a safety hazard. This form will submit to the Legislative Representative of Local 0445. Jordan Boone currently holds this position. Email him at

It is also important to remember that if the safety issue you are reporting could be an immediate danger to another worker, report it to a trainmaster or dispatcher as soon as possible. 

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FRA Blocked Crossing Report

As we look to decrease incidents of blocked crossings, let's make sure we report when we are blocking them for extended periods of time. Click the link below to report blocked crossings to the FRA. The more these are reported, the more success we may have in getting legislation to limit train length. This would be an added benefit to our safety and the safety of the communities we run through.

Train Length Data

Please report data for all trains that are over 10,000 ft. The local and state legislative teams would like information such as your footage, tonnage, delays, blocked crossings and other important info given to them. If you can attach a wheel or train list, that would be helpful as well. You can email Jordan Boone with these details by clicking the link below.

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