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Health and Wellness

This profession can lead to a very unhealthy life not just biologically but mentally and socially.


Jeremy Holbourn is one of the more accredited counselors in the country. SMART has paid him to counsel any member that needs help. We all work a job that can be very stressful. We all need help at one time or another. I have personally spoken to Jeremy and he is excellent at making you feel comfortable and finding ways to help you no matter what situation you are facing.

BNSF has a counselor available as well. Her name is Sue Kapas. She is the Chicago Division Employee Assistance Program Manager.

Sue Kapas Contact info:

Mobile: (708) 475-3006

Work: (773) 579-5115


Personal Injury Form


In the case of an injury at work, make sure to fill out as displayed. Also call your local chairman immediately if possible.

Designated Legal Counsel:

John Edwards

Phone 312-445-0794

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