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SMART Local 0445

Working Towards a Brighter Future

This is the webpage of Local 0445 which is located in Niota, Illinois. This Local was formerly located in Chillicothe, Illinois and was relocated in 1992 when the terminal of Chillicothe was eliminated. Local 0445 has jobs in Ft. Madison, IA, Galesburg, IL, Joliet LPC Yard, Joliet, IL. and Willow Springs, IL.

SMART 0445 Contacts

Brad A. Bainter, Local President (0445)
Cell: (309) 368-1937 

Scott S. Lester, Local Vice President (0445) 
Cell: (309) 335-2707 

Luke H. Sperry, Local Chairman (0445) 
Cell: (331) 999-0445 

Jordan C. Boone, Local Legislative Representative (0445)

Illinois Alternate State Director 
Cell: (309) 221-7415

A.J. Lewis, Local Chairman (0445)

Yardman's LCA 009A
Cell: (773) 724-8856

Michael D. McNeal, Local Chairman (0445)

Fireman's LCA 020Z 
Cell: (309) 335-3923


Martin Bobrowski, UTUIA Local Insurance Rep.

Cell: (708) 516-8373

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Your SMART 445 Resources

Agreements, Claims, FRA and BNSF Resources

Follow the link to find agreements, BNSF resources, FRA resources and furlough help.

Click the link below for Galesburg Pilot Agreement 

Contact your Representatives about Two Person Crews!

Follow the link below to contact your representatives about two person crews. You can also go to for more info.

Railroad Technology Report

To better understand and evaluate the use of certain technologies being implemented by the Carrier, the Organization is seeking information regarding their operation. In order for the Organization to formulate a plan to protect our members, the general public, and ensure the safety of the nation's infrastructure, we are asking members to provide information when incidents or events occur regarding these technologies.

The Railway Labor Act

Learn about the Railway Labor Act


Information from BNSF and CDC

Legislative Action Center

Help railroaders by supporting legislation in our favor. Follow the link below and click on the "Take Action" button to write an email to your representatives to support our safety. You will get updates on our bills as well. Thank you for supporting us in taking the power back when it comes to our safety.

Blocked Crossing Report Form

SMART-TD's report form for blocked crossings. Date, train symbol, name of public crossing and other info about location are required to fill out the form.

Contact SMART Local 0445

Get in touch with SMART Local 445 to find out more about our organization and the work we do.

Galesburg, IL 61401, USA

Thanks for submitting!

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